Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore today confirmed the rumor that Windows 10 S will no longer be available as a standalone applications sometime in the future. Now instead of another OS Windows S will be substituted by means of a manner, inside the full windows 10 operating system. Joe Belfiore revealed the modifications in a response to some Tweet utilize Win10S as an option for schools or companies that want the very low hassle’/ ensured performance version. Next year 10S will be a mode, of existing versions, maybe not a different version. SO &hellip, I think it’s totally fine/good which it isn’t mentioned.

Microsoft originally designed Windows 10 S to be a competitor to the light-weight yet strong Chrome OS, but the rollout of the newest Microsoft W10S OS required users to acquire a copy of Windows 10 Pro together with some other issues encountered by consumers during its rollout. Even though it has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft as yet, it’s believed that the newest Windows S Mode will be available for many versions of Windows 10 except Core+ and Workstation.

In addition no info on breaking has been declared by Microsoft as yet, but upgrading from S mode to full access will depend on the version of Windows you’re running. ThisIt’s also not been confirmed as to when this change will occur even though in the Tweet Belfiore revealed this will occur next year, therefore sometime in 2019. As soon as more information are made available from Microsoft we’ll keep you up-to date as always.