Microsoft’s Movies & TV program could soon hit the screens of all phones conducting iOS and Android. Sources familiar with the issue have told Windows Central which Microsoft is developing new versions of the program to promote users to purchase more of their seeing material from the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store has an impressive collection of movies and Television shows available to purchase, including many that aren’t accessible via streaming solutions, but until now it is only been available through Microsoft’s own programs, such as Xbox, Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile. The development of a new Movies & TV program is another sign that Microsoft has finally laid Windows 10 Mobile to rest, and is now focusing on creating Windows PCs play well with Android and iOS instead.

Microsoft poured resources and effort into creating Windows 10 Mobile a victory, but the OS never procured sufficient users to be workable. In October last year, corporate VP for Windows Joe Belfiore tweeted a public lament about the problem of getting businesses to invest in the platform. Despite Microsoft offering payment and writing applications, he explained there were just too few individuals with the Windows handsets in their pockets to make an alluring proposition. Belfiore confirmed that Microsoft will continues to support the platform with bug fixes and security updates, however, stated that constructing New functions and hardware for Windows 10 Mobile were no longer the corporation’s focus.

Later this week Microsoft released Edge to get Android and iOS, and a Launcher program to allow Android users personalize their phones. Only a few days then, the Fall Creators Update made it feasible to link an iOS or Android phone to your Windows 10 Personal Computer so that you can start surfing the internet on one device and continue on another. A brand new version of the Movies & TV program could allow viewers to start looking at a Personal Computer, then continue on their telephone, which makes the Microsoft Store collection of films and shows considerably more attractive. We’ll be keeping an eye on the App Store and Google Play for more developments.