Increased exposure to radiation from cellular phones may affect memory in your adolescent kids, warn Swiss researchers. The findings showed that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitting from cell phone use for more than a year may have a negative impact on the development of figural memory in adolescents. Figural memory is mainly based in the right hemisphere of the brain and the association with RF EMF was pronounced in adolescents utilizing the cell phone on the right side of the head. This might imply that indeed RF EMF absorbed by the brain is accountable for the observed associations, stated Martin Roosli, Head of Environmental Exposures and Health in the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Switzerland.

Possible risks to the brain could be minimised by using headphones or a loudspeaker while calling, particularly when network quality is low and the cell phone is functioning at maximum power” . Significantly, other aspects of wireless communication use, like sending text messages, playing games or browsing the internet showed only a marginal RF EMF exposure in the brain and weren’t associated with the development of memory performance. However, it’s not yet clear how RF EMF may potentially affect brain procedures or how relevant our findings are at the long term”, Roosli explained, emphasising the need for further research to rule out the effect of other factors. For the analysis, reported in the journal Environment International, the group analysed 700 adolescents, aged 12 to 17 years, over the duration of one year. The analysis follows a report up in 2015 with double the sample size and latest info on the assimilation of RF EMF in the brains of teenagers during various kinds of wireless communication device use.