Smart home company today announced that a Google Assistant upgrade for its Cam IQ safety camera has Arrived, that brings Google’s voice based artificial intelligence platform into the interior version of the camera. Nest guaranteed Google Assistant for the Cam IQ back in Sept, when it established the outdoor version of the camera alongside a video doorbell and home security system. It seems Nest has missed the deadline, but the company says it is now ready to provide the over the air upgrade starting today. GOOGLE ASSISTANT ON THE NEST CAM IQ CAN ACCESS THE WEB AND CONTROL OTHER NEST DEVICES.

Additionally to the Google Assistant upgrade, Nest is also adding a brand new $5 program to its Nest Aware subscription service which gets you five times of video uploading, compared with the current $10 / 10 afternoon and $30 / 30 day plans. Nest says it is also adding the capacity for its cameras to differentiate human beings and items at called Task Zones, that are designated areas on your camera’s line of sight in which you presume movement might happen. The characteristic includes with Nest’s subscription service, known as Nest Aware, which will also let you combine redundant recognition libraries to reduce the number of pictures your Nest accesses to recognize people that were familiar.

With the Google Assistant upgrade, Nest Cam IQ owners will be capable to get the same version of Google’s voice based AI that resides on Android, iOS, and Google Home devices. It is possible to ask Google Assistant basic web inquiries, create calendar appointments, set reminders, and control other Nest and Nest compatible items like the Nest Thermostat along with Philips Hue smart lights. Put simply, the upgrade turns your Nest Cam IQ to a Google Home, that can be useful when you do not already have that gadget and also do not care for its limited utility as a music speaker.

Nevertheless, in what seems like a small technical barrier of sorts, Google Assistant can’t control the Nest Cam IQ itself. So you cannot ask Google to tell your camera to turn on whenever you leave the home or deactivate whenever you get home. Nest says a number own cellular application, but it’s somewhat weird that Google Assistant does not work directly with the device it resides on, though that might change in the future. Nest weird that Google Assistant does not work directly with the device it simpler for the two firms to work together on incorporating AI across Google’s whole hardware ecosystem. Rejoined Google appropriate as part of the search giant’s hardware department, especially to make it art as a way to differentiate both its own hardware and software offerings from Amazon and Apple. Now which offerings from Amazon and Apple again, it appears likely owners of the organization’s thermostats, smoke detectors, cameras, and security systems will probably be seeing quite a few AIs concentrated updates down the road.