Netflix updated its app to resolve an early annoyance with Apple’s new iPad Pro

Netflix nowadays free associate update for iOS app that adds full support for Apple’s latest iPad professional tablets. in an exceedingly heap of press reviews: “You will expect to determine several apps with black bars encompassing them”, “which detracts from the new” all-screen ” however positively not edge-to-edge) style of those iPads.

The issue is additional pronounced on the 11-inch iPad professional as a result of it options a distinct screen ratio than the ten.5 in. model it replaces. If you are about to purchase one amongst the new models, it’s worth knowing.

The new ratio of the 11-inch iPad professional and therefore the virtual home bar icon are leading to a small amount of frustration black borders in several apps.
The 12.9-inch model maintains the identical ratio of its 2 predecessors, however its corners and therefore the new virtual bars are several. Even with the apps that stretch the total dimension of the iPad screen (like YouTube and Google Docs), there is a black bar behind the virtual home bar. With its latest update, Netflix avoids all this and appears quite optimized for the new iPad professionals.
It’s possible that essential, vastly well-liked apps are updated fairly quickly – as Netflix incontestible nowadays. however there isn’t any telling once some games or additional niche apps desires to try to to their best on the new screens. Developers tend to treat their iPad apps with but iPhone apps. Take Facebook for example: the corporate ne’er even updates its ten.5-inch screen on the previous professional. For now, the black bezels of the iPad professionals facilitate browse the difficulty a small amount.

In recent years, Apple has been encouraging developers to create apps in an exceedingly manner that they dynamically scale to a range of show sizes while not being hard-coded for a specific show. it is the flexibility that may cause you to look unhealthy on the 11-inch iPad professional – a minimum of till they are updated. Apple has set a March 2019 point for all apps (and app updates) to be designed victimisation the iOS twelve SDK. thus whereas early adopters wish to place up with the bars, hopefully the March cutoff ought to encourage them to optimize their computer code for Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad screens.

It appears that for a while, though. None of the demonstration iPad professionals at the company’s retail stores have third-party apps loaded onto them.