Audi has made their brand new Audi A1 official, the vehicle will come up with a choice of engines. There aren’t any diesel engines in the range, all the search engines at launch will be gasoline. The motor range of the brand new Audi A1 includes 1.0 litre gasoline engine which will arrive in two versions, the 25 TFSIs that has 95 horsepower or the 30 TFSI that has 116 horsepower. There are two more engine options, 35 TFSI that comes along with a 1.5 litre motor with 148 horsepower plus a 2.0 litre 40 TFSI that has 197 horsepower. It looks like the A1 won’t be getting a d.

The A1 comes along with manual gearbox and a front wheel drive as standard, there’s also an optional seven rate double clutch auto box, The 40 TFSI will come with six rate S Tronic box. The newest A1 is arriving later this year, as Audi hasn’t disclosed any pricing.iesel version from the future.