At MWC 2018 this week in Barcelona, Samsung has officially launched their new and extremely expected Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus mobile phones, that will be available to buy throughout the center of next month from March sixteenth, 2018 onwards. Samsung has also confirmed that the new mobile phones would support the most recent 2017 Gear VR headset. But regrettably a 2018 model won’t be launched alongside the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus mobile phones as previously happened with the latest generation of Galaxy devices. Samsung first launched its Gear virtual reality headset back in the year 2014 making it compatible with the Note 4.

Since its launch Samsung has continually refresh the mobile powered virtual reality headset to match its latest range of mobile phones and has previously released six different Gear VR models. Because of the comparable design and size of last year Galaxy S8, Samsung might not have needed to recreate the wheel yet again and release yet another new Gear VR headset. But can be concentrating on its previously rumoured stand alone headset that will provide consumers with everything built into the headset as opposed to needing to rely on a docked smartphone. As soon as anymore details or specifications are announced by Samsung or leaked from 3rd parties for the stand alone virtual reality headset we’ll keep you up-to date as always.