Shake off anticipation and let the Diana Instant Square fill your frame with erratic beauty. There is no re take, no place production polishing, you snap the shot and moments Later you keep a beautiful image full of strong, saturated colours and soft, moody vignetting on your palms. Inspired by the original 1960 medium format Diana camera, the Diana Instant Square electrifies your life with lo-fi love. Experiment with boundless long and a number of exposure, and light up your world with a hot shoe flash for much more artistic options. Get a completely new take on your environment by attaching any one of the interchangeable lenses designed for the Diana F; a 110 millimeter telephoto lens, 75 millimeter glass lens, 20 mm lens, 38 mm super wide angle lens, plus a 55 mm wide angle lens that even comes along with a close-up attachment.

You may even use all of the existing lens attachments, lens filters and Splitzer created for your Lomo’Instant Square Glass. Gently adjust the aperture and focus, and change between two shutter speeds to craft a framework distinctive to your own style. Look throughout the bright viewfinder, or detach it and shoot from the hip. Dare to trust your instinct. Beautiful things will happen. The Diana Square Instant Camera is currently available to rear through Kickstarter with early bird droppings accessible from $65 or pound, 49. If all goes well global shipping is likely to take place during December 2018 and January 2019 dependant upon your favorite accessories and pledge.