Sony is observing 500 million units sold across the PlayStation’s life span, PlayStation 2, 3, 4, Portable, Vita and PlayStation VR with a special edition of PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s gorgeous. Only 50, 000 will be generated. The case is really A translucent dark blue which houses a PlayStation 4 Pro with a 2 TB hard disk. Sony states that whenever the console power lights are on, its lamps are visible throughout the case. Every device has a limited number of editions engraved on the jubilee aluminum plate fixed to the front. The Sony Psp particular edition console also comes along with a vertical stand and a paired colour PlayStation Camera, with rack.

The fitting DualShock 4 control included with the console will also be marketed individually. The console package will run $499. The controller will probably cost $64.99. There is also a wireless headset in the exact same design which will be available for $99.99. The console is available for pre order starting Aug. 24, and the headset will go on sale in North America in ancient September. Sony is selling the 500 million limited edition PS4 Guru for $499.99. That is $100 more than a typical PS4 Guru, but the limited edition model tries to make up for this with a 2TB hard disk, which is two times As large as what Sony provides on a regular PS4 Pro. The 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Guru is set to go on sale on-line on August 24th and in select stores in early September. Sony cautions that provide is likely to be limited.