It is official: Nikon will soon launch a complete frame mirrorless camera system with a brand a brand new lens mount. In a news release, it announced that it is developing a next generation complete frame mirrorless camera and Nikkor lenses, with a brand new mount, adding that professional creators around the globe have contributed to the development. As expected, it is also working on the adapter which Will allow you to Use existing full frame Nikon F Mount DSLR lenses with the cameras. Nikon theorized the mount would permit to make lenses and cameras thinner and smaller. The new mirrorless camera and Nikkor lenses which are in development will allow a brand new measurement of optical performance with the adoption of a brand new mount, states the press release.

Nikon is only confirming what we already strongly suspected, considering that yesterday his European division unveiled a teaser video with shadowy glimpses of the camera. It also set up an internet site called In Pursuit of Light, which had the clear launch date of the camera concealed in the HTML code. Nevertheless, Nikon has yet to confirm the specifications, date and cost, as well as shown a formal picture of it yet. More information will reportedly come on a dedicated web site at a later date. For the rest of the narrative, we are relying upon sites like Nikon Rumors, that have been pretty true up to this stage.

Nikon will supposedly release two cameras, a $4, 000 48 camera model, along with a $2, 500, 25 megapixel budget version. Those compare about to Sony’s 42.4 megapixel A7R III along with 24 megapixels A7 III, although both Nikon models will be more pricey and have greater resolution. As I wrote last month, Nikon and Canon are under intense pressure to catch Sony from the mirrorless category. Both companies are the way, the way to the game, so Nikon will have to at least fit Sony’s current models to possess any sort of an opportunity. The $2, 000 A7 III, for one, is a leading performer, also there are 63 native FE lenses for it, although Nikon is starting from scratch with its own system.

The adapter will assist, but could degrade optical and mechanical performance in contrast to native lenses. If Nikon assembles a mirrorless version of the D850 DSLR, with comparable specs, that is going to be a good start. It did say that shortly, Nikon users will probably have two business leading camera systems to select from, giving consumers the option to enjoy the distinctive values which every system provides. It also emphasized the credibility and the trusted performance of its DSLR models, also stated that the professional creators contributed to the development of the new system. Canon and Nikon experts have frequently decried the durability and managing of Sony cameras, so if Nikon can nail that part with its own mirrorless models while offering comparable technology, it might be capable to keep these valuable customers at the fold.