Sony has been leading the way when it comes to mirrorless camera technology, leaving Nikon and Canon scrambling to grab. Now, Nikon Rumors reports that Nikon has two mirrorless cameras on the way. In accordance with the site, they will Be declared sometimes around July 23rd and ship about a month afterwards. The assumption is that both models will be complete framework, though Nikon Rumors does not have a confirmation on this front. One will allegedly be 24-25 MP whilst the other will probably be 45-48 MP. The body will probably be comparable to Sony’s a7 camera, however, Nikon is focusing on better ergonomics and better grasp for these devices.

They’ll boast 5 axis in body stabilization, 9 fps and a brand new 55-mm mirrorless bracket, which will permit for f/0.95 lenses. The cameras will accept both the XQD and SF Express memory cards. There’ll be 3 lenses right off the lineup: 24-70mm, 35mm and 50mm. The top 45 MP model will probably be around $4, 000/&euro, 4, 000 and will come with the 24-70mm kit lens. The 25 MP camera will probably be at the $3, 000/&euro, 3, 000 range, and may also come with a lens. None of this has been confirmed directly by Nikon, and Nikon Rumors makes apparent that many of those specs might not be precisely correct. Nonetheless, it gives interested buyers who’ve been waiting to get a Nikon mirrorless mirror camera these devices are indeed coming soon.