Samsung's Note 7 Production Halted Again.


More than a month after news came that Samsung halted first production of the new flagship model Samsung Galaxy Note7. Amid incidents of smoking and exploding batteries, a new report came out yesterday that S.Korea reported that the mobile giant has once again halted the production of the phone. Following this news it is assumed that replaced Note 7 devices might have a similar defect to the original.And are unsafe to use.

Reports are claiming that Samsung with S.Korean safety regulators have cooperated on the temporary production halt schedule.

Samsung officially unprecedentedly recalling all the shipped the Note 7 in mid-September. Company announced a contingency plan, it has said to be providing Note7 owners with new handsets containing 3rd-party supplier’s batteries.

last week only, A Note 7 caught fire on board an airlines plane. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is said to be investigating the matter of faulty batteries. All wireless carriers asking Note 7 owners to exchange their phone for any other variant/model available.

” Passenger Brian Green aged 43, claimed that the exploded was his and was exchanged from an authorized AT&T retailer dated September 21st as a replacement for the defected Note 7 phone he returned when the global recall surfaced.”

Some of the US major carriers has updated its website, to inform the fact they has stopped selling the replacement Note 7 devices. AT & T has similarly stopped the sales of the affected phone. In response to those claims of replacement phones catching fire. Samsung stated on its website on Friday is that it ‘‘understands the concern of our carriers and consumers.’’

Images of burned phones is going viral in all Social media platforms phones have only supplemented the humiliation felt by Samsung,which have built there reputation from late 1960s.

Still, last friday the company’s third-quarter profit rose 6% , to about 7 billion dollars. And Even sales of 43.9 billion dollars. When Samsung note 7 burned a hole in company’s profit index. Samsung’s other products, which include advanced computer chips and high-end smartphone displays has hold the profit chip bargain.


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