one plus 3T

One Plus 3T, a game- changing flagship was launched over a year ago. Since its launch, it has gone swirl around the world. Everyone is eyeing on it, as it was a perfect budget phone with the features involved in it.

Since then, it was constantly updating and upgrading the device with new releases. With the series recently they launched their newer version, one plus 3T. This T-variant came with better camera, chipset, battery backup and gunmetal color option. The fact is that one plus is continuing to shake the market and no other phone has gone close to match it or properly challenge one plus 3T.

Let us see the reasons which make One Plus 3T stand out of the crowd and stay on the top even after its launch months after.


The price is the single biggest thing it is making stand out of the crowd and stood in the top place of most selling smartphones of its range. At the same time, it’s a phenomenal phone and got top rated chipset with thin and sturdy metal chassis. The camera is perfect, both front and rear camera got the same pixel and your selfies too look super good. The charger charges the device rapidly for all day long use within just minutes of time. With all these specs, it is almost very hard to any other brand to release the smartphone which can beat One Plus 3T.



This device can be operated with Android OS, which is a versatile OS and can be modified the way you want. It has got all updates that you can get on high- end smartphones with a high price range.

It has got the stock Android that is beautiful, clean, slick and easy to use. One Pus 3T device proves that all the Chinese deployed smartphones are not bad. But of course develops problems now and then which is a minor issue.

Money Saver

One Plus 3T is probably a money saver and keeps the price range at as low as possible. The marketing strategies followed by One Plus are quite different and less money consumers. This doesn’t effect the increase in the price of the device, which results in releasing the product for a lower price.


Online only sale model

Larger companies gain more profits sell their products offline first and reduce the price considerably and sell them online. Online channel reduces and eliminates the retailer and distributor charges which in fact is the main reason for the low price

These are the main reasons why One Plus 3T as not got a successful and trustworthy competitor so far even after its release months after. The strategies they worked on have worked perfectly well, even they are risky. Trust made it all happen!