Over 1 million people purchased the OnePlus 6 – the newest smartphone from the small Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus – in under a month, a OnePlus representative told Business Insider.

The OnePlus 6 is a direct competitor of other top, flagship smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7. One of the biggest differences between the OnePlus 6 and other flagship smartphones from 2018 is that it costs $530 compared to the $700-plus asking price from other companies. Lau said the earnings benchmark really happened in 22 days, the two previous phones OnePlus released every took 3 months to achieve the exact same milestone. While one million sounds like a massive number, it is fairly small in relation to earnings for phones such as the Samsung Galaxy or even iPhone, which may move tens of thousands of millions of devices inside the exact same period of time, or less. Indeed, OnePlus users often end up becoming loyal to the company and its smartphones. What OnePlus has is a relatively small number of people who are almost guaranteed to buy its smartphones. Or, at least, they look at the new OnePlus phone first before any other model form a different company.