Anyone looking for a fast way to control their mobile devices such as Android smartphone and tablets and Apple’s latest iOS apparatus like the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Could be intrigued in a brand new affordable quick charge battery package known as the Orico. Check out the demo video below to find out more about the charging capabilities of the Orico This week, launched through Indiegogo with the aim of raising the required capital to make the jump in production. Offering an enormous 20, 000 mAh battery the fast charging battery package is available to early bird backers from just $34 with delivery anticipated to take place during May 2018.

Offering 18 W fast charging power and equipped with 3 x USB-C ports the little battery package is capable of charging compatible apparatus from flat to 50% in just half a hour and encourage seven charging protocols. Orico has been constructed to incorporate the most recent Qualcomm Quick Charging technology enabling the battery pack to control Android apparatus 4 times quicker than a conventional charger. To learn more and full specifications jump over to the Indiegogo crowdfunding site by following the link below. Early bird pledges can be found in limited quantities so if you’re intrigued in getting your hands on one of the first Orico fast charging battery packs off the production line do not delay.