You may need to cross another item from the list of things you never believed Porsche would do. Automobilwoche has promised that Porsche is developing passenger drones, also is close to showing off its first design sketch. While there is obviously not much to show at this point, you’d have some control over the machine, but would not need a pilot’s license, such as other in advance drones, a big chunk of the flight controller could be automated. While it is not clear that Porsche is prepared to confirm the facts, it is clearly open to the thought. Company sales lead Detlev von Platen noted that it can take him half a hour only to drive from Porsche’s plant in Zuffenhausen into the airport in Stuttgart, but only 3 and half minutes with an aircraft.

It might look odd for Porsche to not just adventure in flying cars, but hands off cars. Isn’t that anathema to amateurs accustomed to carrying the wheel? . However, it is probably feeling pressure to do something from the passenger drone space. Its rival Daimler is financing Volocopter’s drone, while Volvo parent Geely lately bought Terrafugia. Even Porsche owner Volkswagen has dipped his fingers in the waters: its Italdesign wing partnered with Airbus on the Pop. Up flying car concept. If Porsche doesn’t research passenger drones, there is a possibility that it can overlook as the transport world shifts away from human piloted vehicles and toward autonomous vehicles of all sorts.