Protect android files and folders with password to make sure it is hack proof and safeguard your data. You may have saved some private files in your device which you don’t want to show everyone. Those files definitely need protection, as the data stored in files explorer are easily accessible, safeguarding your account is all what you can do. Encrypt the data and protect it from intruders using file locker android app.


Here is how to protect android files with password using cool apps

Using File Locker

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  • Download and install the File Locker app from app store
  • Launch this app to protect your files. You can see a list of your files here.
  • Select the file which you want to protect.
  • Choose lock option. You will be prompted for password.
  • Enter the password and click on lock.
  • All done your files are locked for safety.



Using All-in-One Vault

You have safeguarded your files, but what about folders! Yes you can save a full folder from hackers. Here is how it’s to be done!

Protect android files
  • Download and install folder lock android app on your device.
  • Before accessing the app you need to put a password.
  • When you open the app you can have a look on all your folders.
  • Choose from the list to protect from and lock it for no further access to anyone else except you.
  • That simple it is.


Also you can keep an eye on the intruder with the help of this app. After a wrong attempt it will capture images with time stamp. It automatically back up your data when connected to any cloud storage system.

Similar apps

Based on the requirement you can get any of these apps to protect your data with password to maintain confidentiality.