Anybody who spends time in the sun and will love to keep track of the exposure to damaging Ultra violet rays, can be intrigued in a fresh smart wearable sunshine tracker aptly named the QSun. Using artificial intelligence the sunlight is capable of monitoring your exposure to the sun enabling you to balance your D vitamin intake and sunlight exposure. When connected to its companion smartphone application the QSun provides an easy method to monitor your exposure and bodies D vitamin production. See the demonstration video below to find out more. Utilizing a custom designed algorithm the QSun wearable monitors and diagnoses your sunlight exposure in real time by combining your current sunlight impact on your skin type, environmental situation and sun safety habits to provide tailored recommendations on your next course of action.

QSun has this week launched via Kickstarter with the aim of increasing CAD $30, 000 within the next 31 days to make a leap in production. Pledges are available from £, 33 or even CAD $59 for super early bird backers. If all goes well in the Kickstarter campaign is successful the QSun trackers will start shipping to backers through July 2018 and include access to the QSun Professional application. QSun is your little wearable companion that monitors your sun exposure to assist you prevent skin damage whilst keeping healthful D vitamin levels. It informs you when you are about to get sunburned so you may Continue doing what you love under the sun.