Qualcomm announced a Wi-Fi chip for both phones and tablets today that is compatible with the forthcoming generation of Wi-Fi. The business says it is the first to deliver 802.11ax attributes to manufacturers and the first to encourage WPA3 encryption, which protects user passwords and privacy. The 802.11ax generation of Wi-Fi, that is likely to start seeing mass adoption next year, will deliver increased network throughput and utilize less power when compared to the previous generation, 802.11ac. Qualcomm chip provides phone and computer manufacturers the opportunity to start building the technology in their new products. It’s known as the Atheros WCN3998, also manufacturers are supposed to start getting access from the upcoming few months.

Qualcomm’s chips encourage older versions of Wi-Fi, so that they will be capable to connect to routers that do not support the new benchmark. The Wi-Fi chip also manages Bluetooth with the support of the next 5.1 standard. The chip can also be bundled with some other Qualcomm products like the TrueWireless system, and it could improve speeds when connected to routers that support the latest 11ac Wave 2 standard. To improve speeds and decrease congestion, 802.11ax introduces new wireless technology and improves on some existing ones, such as MU MIMO for connecting multiple users at once. It uses something known as Target Wait Time to wake devices at specified times, in effect scheduling Wi-Fi traffic to decrease congestion. This will be especially useful during high Wi-Fi congestion evenings when everybody is viewing videos and gaming.