There’s no doubt that Reliance Jio has completely altered the telecom market, offering plans one can only dream of. Reliance Jio provides high-speed 4G internet, free voice calls, and messaging services to more than 1.5 million people now. With this, Reliance has succeeded in turning the tables on all other telecom companies in the country.

Here’s another great news for Jio users, the free services have been reported to be extended to March 2017. The unlimited services’ offer was scheduled to end on 31st December 2016. However, the news shows that there is possibility that the company might continue providing its services up to March 2017.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has as of now told Reliance Jio to wind up its “Welcome Offer” by 3rd December 2016. Yet the latest reports suggest that Reliance Jio will be continuing its free services till March of next year.

Motilal Oswal stated that “Mass scale free welcome offer could continue until March 2017 to attract subscriber growth towards the celebrated 100 million mark with Reliance Jio’s indicative data pricing at Rs130-140 per GB”. The telecom regulatory doesn’t allow a free service offer/plan to continue for more than three months.Reliance Jio

The planning head, Anshuman Thakur has said that they don’t need permission from TRAI to continue their free services. He also claimed that Jio must provide the services it promised otherwise it would be unfair to charge the users.

Anshuman Thakur affirmed “We have told Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and government that customers have faced issues with regard to the quality of service due to the interconnection congestion and they have not been able to enjoy the services that they deserve and what we want to deliver to them. And till we are in a position where we can deliver the quality of service as desired by the Jio Management, it will be unfair to charge the customer.”

Oswal added that if they are not able to solve the interconnection problem, then they may look for “innovative solutions”. The aim is to avert the customers from paying for bad services.

Therefore it’s still uncertain whether the customers will get free services till March 2017 or not. However, Reliance has shown us that nothing is impossible. So let’s hope for the best.