Although there are numerous social networking sites, Facebook is the most complete of them all. We can interface with others and even do business on Facebook. On Facebook, pages and groups are the common options to connect with masses on Facebook. Now pages are mostly utilized by brands and famous people to reach out to masses for commercial purposes mostly. Individuals create groups to connect with like-minded peoples. Facebook groups resemble a community for exchange of ideas and discussions. Groups can be of three types: open, close and secret.

Now, sometimes the creator of the group may have a change of mind and would want to remove everyone from the Facebook group at once. But, as you know, no such option exists on Facebook as yet for that. We once told you How to Add All your friends to Facebook group at once before. Today, I will tell you How to Remove All Members from Facebook Group at once.

As you know, there is no option to erase the group on Facebook. So, one has to manually delete every member one by one to make the delete option visible. One has to delete members one at a time which gets very tedious if the group is large, as Facebook has no option for bulk removal. So, just follow the steeps given below to remove all members from Facebook groups at once –

  • Open the Facebook group you want to delete.
  • Then Go to Members tab from navigation.
  • The group list will be visible then. Now make sure you have the admin privileges of the group.
  • Right click anywhere and tap Inspect or press F12.
  • Copy all the codes from the below script now.


  • Now go to Console tab and paste the script there and press Enter.
remove members from Facebook Group
Part of the script
  • The removal process will begin automatically in a while. The process may take some time based on the number of members in the group.

Delete the Facebook Group now

  • Refresh the page after removing everyone from the group. Only Admin ID will show now.
  • Just tap on Leave Group and a popup will appear to Leave and Delete Group.

Since a deleted group cannot be recovered anyhow, I would advise you to be careful. Do not attempt this unless you are completely sure that you don’t need this group anymore. Make a backup of all the important files, folders, images or anything shared on the group before deleting it.

I hope this guide will be helpful to you. Follow the above steps carefully and remove all the members from your Facebook group in one go. And after that, delete the group permanently. Did you like this article? You want to add something? Plz provide your suggestions and questions in the comments below and we will sort them for you.