Have you heard of Revenue model strategy ? Well to answer that you first need these answers. Have you observe recent boost in social media platforms? Imagine the number of social networks you use on daily basis. Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Twitter, Wikipedia would come up in your mind. The truth is there is a bulk amount of intel is available to us these days. Well apart from instant availability, one can readily set up our own blogging space.

Along with these all info. Anyone can use WordPress or Wix to setup their website. Mobile apps are readily available Google Play Store, or Apple play store which ever is preferable to you similarly you can also enjoy streaming videos with a click of a mouse in YouTube. And Sell anything with just a click on Quikr or Craigslist.

While most of these services are freeware,but some may need you to use your credit card to make purchases to the premium features of the app. When if most of the services are free, so where the money came for providing these services ? Obviously you must have known that most of them are pumping huge profits.

Well you are right, It’s all about Advertising and  Revenue models. So for your sake we have gathered an elite list of revenue model used in these times.


  1. Advertising

ADVERTISING word cloud, business concept

One of the oldest money-making sources, this model is underneath constant evolution. With the final net population having access to ad-blocking tools, the business has starting to use complicated and inventive strategies to remain relevant.

  1. Freemium model


This is perhaps the foremost common model employed by net services. The thought here is to sell a basic free product to as many potential customer available, however keep the premium options completely for paying customers. An outsized variety of SaaS product use this model.

Example : Evernote, LinkedIn,WordPress, Coc, Google Docs/Drive, Angry Birds etc.

  1. E-commerce


The Retail market comprising of all  Stores and malls changed after the 90s era. Once big corporations like ebay ,amazon  emerged successfully.. As a result of this the costs of valuable land prices, offered for them is significantly lower.

Examples like : Flipkart, Amazon ,ebay, Snapdeal etc.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Green Blue Banner

This model is generally followed by most of the bloggers , in this model whereby the blogger signs up for affiliate programs associated with their content/posts and provide their visitors to customers of their advertisers.

Once the users follows the link and buy something , blogger get a percentage of commision for the earnings from the advertisers.

Example : Flipkart affiliate, Snapdeal affiliate.

  1. Subscription Model


Most of the Magazines and newspaper firm uses this type of model for their advertising.In this model advetisers push out add and important happing regading the product to the customers email or mobile, Well now-a-days most of the websites are moving towards this model only. Unlimited usage of this is totally obtainable, however in the first place a number can put a cap on top of that they charge.


  1. Licensing

This model is common among software system firms, this model is but losing its shininess owing to the rising trend of SaaS subscription models. It  might be for usage, that is that the model for material possession (copyrights,patents and trademarks). This sort of license is sometimes restricted by territory, varieties of merchandise, time etc.

  1. Selling Data


Every exclusive information is extremely valuable within the cyber circle. Several firms focus on lead creation of potential users and resell them to other interested 3rd parties.

You think think that you don’t have to pay money for services like Facebook, Google ,Wikipedia etc.  However the truth is with combination of information  concerning you and several other things they show you discourse advertisements. That is why you aren’t just a client, you’re the one being overfilled.

  1. Sponsorship/Donations


Sometimes many major services are generally sponsored by government NGOs and it helps them to reach greater heights. 

Example : Google and Google foundation has fully funded Khan Academy.


  1. Build to sell 


Like “In-app purchase in a game”. This is type of model is seldom called revenue model,’ because there is no cash transaction involved in it. But now-a-days many companies have started to act on this model initially they took a hit in loss region and then sold  the gig for lump sum of money to larger companies..

Example: Pinterest and  Instagram

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