Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in today’s market. The reason for that is its flexibility, ease of use and option to customize. Android apps are available for variety of purposes and in numerous categories. The feature to track an Android device is the best thing about it. And you can find many tracking apps on google Play. Though some of them are very helpful in tracking our lost or stolen device, they won’t be any useful if we have lost our phone in our own house.

Now, when we lose our device somewhere very close to us, we locate it by ringing the phone with someone else’s device. But, what if the lost device is on silent mode? A simple call won’t be able to ring it then. Don’t Worry! I have a solution for you. Today, I will teach you on how to ring and locate a lost device even if it is in silent mode. And you can use this method to locate the device anywhere in the world too. So, let’s begin –

1st Method: Android Device Manager

ADM is an inbuilt Android tracker app which can be used to track the location of a lost device. And using this app, you can even ring your lost phone, track its location and even erase all of its data.

But, to do so, you have to Activate Android Device Manager on your device first.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy/Security.

ring lost android device

3. Tap on the Device Administrators.

ring lost android device

4. Now click on Android Device Manager and open it.

ring lost android device5. Click on Activate if it is not activated already.

ring lost android device

Steps to Ring your lost Android Device in Silent Mode

  1. Activate the Android Device Manager by following the above steps.
  2. Always be logged in your Android device using a Google account. This is a must and you must have already done this beforehand on the lost android device of yours.
  3. So if you are logged in with a Google account on your device, go to official Android Device Manager Website.

adm-screenshot4. Log in with the Google account you have used to log in your Android device.

5. You will now see the ADM dashboard with ring, locate and erase option.

ring lost android device
ADM Dashboard

6. Click on the locate icon to locate your device if you have lost it somewhere far or away from your home.

7. Tap on “Ring” to ring the phone. Done!! Now just hear “Trrrring Trrrrring!!!”

2nd Method: Using CM Security

CM Security is a popular and awesome app with a Google Play rating of 4.7. It’s a combo of Antivirus, device tracker, locker and so forth. It’s light, simple and easy to use.


Ring your lost Android device using CM Security

  1. Download and install CM Security on your Android device first.

google-play-tab2. Open CM Security and tap on Menu (3 parallel lines) on the top right of your screen.

ring lost android device

3. Tap on “Find Phone” and then “Enable Find Phone”

ring lost android device4. Activate it using any of the three given method. (I recommend Google +)

ring lost android device5. You can now easily locate, ring or lock your phone from the CM website.

visit-here6. Log in with your Email and it will automatically locate your device.

7. Click on “Yell” to ring your phone. [P.S if someone has stolen your phone, still try the yell and you will love the ringtone coming out of it ;)]

These are the two ways you can use to ring your lost Android device even if it’s in Silent mode. I am sure they will work for you. Share this with others also and let them know how they can track their stolen or lost Android device.