I hope till now you must have heard the speculation that the Samsung is Debuting with first Digital Fingerprint scanner. Tech media giant has finally decided to obsolete the home button. As report suggested upcoming model Galaxy S8 will not have any physical home button.

Sam Mobile claimed that Samsung Galaxy S8 will debut with an Optical fingerprint scanner. It will be housed under the fine glass of its bottom display in place of home button. It also claims that ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is way too slower than the new Optical Fingerprint Scanner. Additionally Optical Recognition scanner is both accurate & more faster than its predecessors

Be that as it may, our own rundown on the diverse sorts of unique fingerprint scanners accessible. It certainly clarifies why Optical Fingerprint scanners are not all that safe (regardless of their speed). This happens because they solely depend on camera less to catch a 2D picture. As you may recollect that, Older fingerprint scanners are easily fooled by holding a 2D image in front of it.

Samsung might deal with a progressed optical scanner, But they should work towards advancement of the electro-optical fingerprint scanner. That can distinguish between a live finger and a picture of a finger. As reported suggested Apple is also planning to debut similar kind of technology in their next  iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8.

Samsung is still trying to mend the reputation after failed Note7, battery issues. It is still unclear whether they will again trust South korean manufacturer to mass produce Galaxy S8 after Note 7. Decision is said to be revealed in next year’s Mobile World Congress in February.

So, would you prefer optical fingerprint scanning over an iris scanner?