The Samsung galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus make N’t come with FM Radio support from the United States. This is apparently an error and this will be fixed in future software upgrade. It’s been revealed that service for FM Radio must were on both handsets at launch, Samsung has confirmed to NextRadio the reason behind the malfunction. Samsung mistakenly didn’t add the NAB FM Application programming interface to the unlocked devices. Our group confirmed this with them a day or two after release upon receiving reports the application didn’t work. Samsung has said it is going to be in the initial upgrade they do, but still haven’t settled on a date.

The model numbers are SM-G960UI and SM-G965UI that don’t now work for FM. SM-G960U and SM-G965U are sold by carriers and do work for FM. Samsung will being service for FM radio on both devices soon with a software upgrade, as yet there are no details on when the upgrade will property.