Samsung has never released foldable phones till date. They are now planning for something big. They are introducing the first foldable phones from Samsung which will be light weight and can be easily carried in the pockets. The foldable phones are going to have curved edges of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge. The curve would make it easy to fold the phone in a proper manner. The display of the phone is expected to be bright and great so that it can be easily tucked in the shirt pocket. Some of the basic features of the Samsung phone are listed as under:

  • Wallet Phone: Samsung Galaxy X is known as the Wallet Phone because it will perfectly fit the size of the wallet. The touchscreen of the phone will be large and the phone will open fully to its left side and on both sides of the phone, there will be cameras with high picture resolution to click awesome pictures. The charging point of the phone will be at the outer edge of the phone and it will be a pocket friendly phone. The phone can be folded in halves to both right and left.
  • Working of the Phone: Galaxy X foldable phone will  have a hinge which will  create a pocket for the touch display without creating any disturbance in the folding part of the phone. The phone will be a small one with 5in and when it opens up, it will display an 8in inch phone. The RAM will be of 3GB as said by reporters and it is expected to have the newest processors from Qualcomm with a feature of Quick Charge 3.0. MicroSd might be present in the phone. Super AMOLED screen and RGB subpixel arrangement  will also be there in the phone.

The phone is expected to be released by Early 2017 and people are very excited about the phone. The cost of the phone will be high ranging from around Rs. 40k but the phone will be worth the buy. The best part of the phone is a small dialler with the touch screen feature in the cylinder form which makes it easy to have an access to all the applications. The phone won’t get hanged even if many applications are opened at one go. The phone is ultra slim and is very light weight. Samsung Galaxy X will be an addition to the patent of mobile phones launched by them. The phone could also be used with television or tablet. One phone that is expected to increase the revenues of Samsung in the coming year.  Samsung has a plan of making lives of people easy with this foldable phone.

There will be variety of models in this phone and the first one will be launched soon. Touch screen devices will roll out from tube in this phone which might sound absurd at first. Do wait for what Samsung has in store for you!