Samsung’s forthcoming smartwatch, now referred to as the Gear S4, may be getting a total makeover. A symbol enrollment Since the Galaxy Watch has been spotted floating around in South Korea, that has led many to think the new device will be powered. Or more precisely, Wear OS powered. This could be a surprising move, given that Wear OS is Google’s wearable device platform, and Samsung and Google have not always had the most compatible of relationships. Plus until today, Samsung appears to have been very content utilizing the Gear branded hardware with Tizen, the firm many speculated it purchased as an insurance measure against Google’s dominance.

On one hand, Google might utilized some of his influence with Samsung at utilize Wear OS from the new wearable and ditch Tizen altogether. On the other, Samsung can only wish to juice sales of its timepieces by slapping a brand name which pretty much everybody in the world already know. As many have speculated, however, Wear OS requires Samsung much more than Samsung needs Wear OS. Samsung has planned an event in August for the Galaxy Notice 9, but it is unlikely we will hear anything about Gear S4/Galaxy Watch there, and might have to wait till the IFA 2018 convention in Sept before the business reveals its plans for the next device.