Samsung has announced that its modular Television, The Wall, that it showed off at CES this season will probably be available to purchase this August. No awards have been announced yet, even though it appears safe to say that it will be up there as one of Samsung TV sets. The Wall utilizes MicroLED technology, which Samsung claims offers comparable image quality to OLED displays, but with better lifespans. Samsung can be highlighting the modular nature of The Wall, because the entire display is composed of smaller MicroLED panels, The Wall may be almost any size which customers desire, whether that is an enormous 146 inches display like the one which Samsung showed off at CES, or a few more specific aspect ratios like 4: 3 or 1: 1, dependant upon your particular needs.

Given the customizable nature of the wall and the technology it uses, chances are it’s not going to be inexpensive when it does come this summer.