The purchaser of elegant mountain side mansion in San Francisco, that is reportedly sold for $21.8 million is 30-year-old business tycoon Kyle Vogt.

Vogt is also called the ‘Robot Guru’ due to his imerese interest in Robotics. Moreover, he has completed his computer engineering and electrical engineering from MIT.

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He fabricated his fortune from offering 2 billion-dollar new companies/startups within recent 2 years. Which has effortlessly permitted him to purchase the most costly home in the city of San Francisco,this year.

The tycoon co-founded Twitch, a live streaming video website/platform. And also sold it to Amazon for about  $1 billion in revenue.

Vogt, who is recently got engaged, went ahead to be the organizer and CEO of Cruise. It is a computerized driving startup, which is sold to General Motors for $1 billion in a hard cash and stock holdings.

The property was first constructed in 1901. It has 7 rooms and 7 bathrooms spread out more than 3 stories. And also situated on one of San Francisco’s most elevated boulevards.

Recently Tara and Bryan Meehan has owned the place for a short period, who made a fortune on interests in Blue Bottle Coffee. The couple gutted and re-established the home, however evidently never moved in.

Vogt purchased the house for $21.8 million, as per city record. Which makes it one of the greatest deal in the city so far this year. House is initially listed for $28 million in last year, But later it is said to be split by $3 million in June. It is one of the most costliest property in San Francisco’s this season.

Few pics of the Costliest apartment