Do you know that you can schedule your WhatsApp messages to send them later by simply setting the time of sending of the message? No? Today, I will tell you the procedure to do that. WhatsApp is a big instant messaging system and is extremely popular around the world with over 70 million users.

Though this app doesn’t have any feature for scheduling the messages to be send at a later time. But, now you can do this by basic and simple method. You will be able to schedule your WhatsApp messages using another app. And that app will send the message at the set time for you automatically. All you need to do is just set the time; and then sit back and relax!

Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android (1st Method: Rooted Android):

Step 1: Download and install the WhatsApp Scheduling app on your android phone. (Your Android phone must be rooted at least once for this method).

Schedule WhatsApp messages

Step 2: Next, open the app. It will ask you for Admin authorization to continue. Grant it the required access. Then, Tap on the icon (pencil symbol) at the corner of Pending Messages and select Contact which can either be individual or a group. Type your message and set the time.

scheduling WhatsApp messages

Step 3: Now, click Add and set up your desired contact and a message for it. It will also record your message(s) under Pending messages tab and will get sent on the time you set.

scheduling WhatsApp messages

Step 4: That’s it! You are prepared with a scheduled WhatsApp message. You can have a complete look at your scheduled pending WhatsApp messages any time you want.

scheduling WhatsApp messages

That’s how you can schedule your WhatsApp Messages on a Rooted Android. I am sure you will love this amazing method. This can help you in wishing someone for their birthday or anniversary without worrying about forgetting them.


Schedule WhatsApp messages Without Rooting your Device:

Step 1: You have to download Scheduler for WhatsApp App on your android phone/tablet first.

scheduling WhatsApp messages

Step 2: Once installed, open the application. It will request that you enable Accessibility settings to schedule messages. Just tap on “OK”

scheduling WhatsApp messages

Step 3: Then you have to tap on the “+” to make a schedule there.

scheduling WhatsApp messages

Step 4: Then select the “Recipient”, “Time”, and “Frequency” and finally enter the message to create a schedule.

scheduling WhatsApp messages

Step 5: After finishing, you can also see the Scheduled task on the home screen of “Scheduler for WhatsApp”.

scheduling WhatsApp messages

So, That’s it! No need to root your device and still you can schedule your WhatsApp messages.

All you need to do now is plan the time and the recipient of the scheduled messages using the apps and leave the rest to them. Now, schedule a message to be sent to someone when you remember it so that it is delivered to the person at the correct time even if you have forgotten the task.

Will you give these a try? You must! Let us know in the comments below your experience of using these methods. Also let us know if there are more such useful tolls for WhatsApp.

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