android firewall
Android firewall-secure your device

Android firewall creates active filter rules based on domain name or host name and IP address. Specific connections of an app can be allowed or denied. Using this app you can add firewall to android devices for un-rooted devices. No rooted devices can have access to this app.

Firewall in any system is the one which blocks the malicious programs and IPs that are trying to enter into your system and spoil or cheat your data. In devices with Windows OS it is default to have firewall system to enable protection to your data. But you don’t have one such feature on your android devices. So here I’m to tell you there are some such apps which can protect your device from harmful threats.

List of Few Android Apps That Can Protect Your Data by Using Firewall

No Root Firewall

Android firewall-No root
No root
  • Download and install this app on your android device.
  • Launch the app after installation
  • Click on the start to commence the process
  • It will start checking for the VPN connection
  • Click ok to proceed
  • Navigate to “Pending access tab”. There you see the apps which require internet connection.
  • Choose the desired apps of your wish and deny which you don’t want.
  • It’s all set. Your device will be firewall protected from now.

Other Similar Apps

Mobiwol: No Root Firewall

Android firewall

This is another app which protects your android device with firewall. Mobiwol supports with un-root android device. It saves mobile data, battery by continuously monitoring your device with firewall protection.


Droid Wall – Android Firewall

Droidwall Android firewall

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan then this is the best app you require on your device. It also saves your battery in a great way. Protecting your mobile with unwanted internet access is its main motto.


Net Guard No Root Firewall

Android firewall
Net Guard

This app provides advanced and simple means to block access to internet. This in turn can help you with more privacy and data saving along with battery saving.



These are some android apps which provide your android device with firewall protection to keep your device safe. Those apps also help you save mobile data and consistent amount of battery charging. Try any of these apps and secure your android device through firewall protection.