secure wifi

Secure wifi password and connection. It is a very important thing nowadays. Your neighbors can borrow the connection and can finish your data if it’s a limited connection. More than this they can see what you are doing and can get access of your other saved passwords of your debit, credit etc cards. The hackers can be of any type maybe there are crime-doers who can make you trapped in illegal matters by doing illegal thing using your connection.

7 ways to secure wifi password


  1.   Alter your default password

When there is a new setup of wifi, it’s always default and can be guessed by someone because initially the wifi operators set your password like 1234 or abcd etc. Always keep in mind when you get the access, change your password which is unique. Also change your username  because someone can shamble with your settings.


  1.    Assemble your MAC addresses

Every device has its MAC (media access control) address. All you have to do is go to your router settings and type the MAC Address of only those devices  you want to allow to get the access of your wifi. You can see or can re-filter the list of devices and you can also block the address you don’t want to get connected with your device. Its an easy and safe way to secure your wifi.


  1.   Turn off your WPS

If your WPS is switched on, devices can be easily connected to the router and it’s easy for hackers to crack even when encryption is turned on. Make sure to turn it off else anyone can steal your personal info like passwords and all.


  1.        Turn off your remote administration

Your enabled R.A can allow any device to view your router or do mess with your settings. It can be disabled from the administration settings only if you don’t want to get wireless connection with your router. Only the device connecting to the router cable can have access to change the settings.


  1.       Change SSID name

SSID name is your router name on wireless devices. And many can people can trick using name same as of SSID. Mainly, routers came with their brand name as SSID. Change it because it can be risky as it identifies the router’s brand name and can make it easier for hackers to hack the device. Also whenever you name your router, never use name from your family as it can be identified easily by your neighbors.


  1.      Activate the firewalls

It helps to add an extra security layer to the network. It protect your internal network from outsiders. Many a time it’s automatic but if it isn’t then activate it . There can be two solutions saying

  • SPI ( stateful packet inspection).
  • NAT ( network address translation).

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Choose any because any of them can do effort to secure your network. Install firewall software, there’s both free and pro version available. Enabling it will make sure that even your own software doesn’t send anything to anyone outside your network without your permission.


  1.   Activate encryption

It is the important thing that locks your connection completely. There are WEP & WPA or WPA2,  nowadays, WEP software has become insecure and can be easily cracked. Open your router’s settings and click on the security settings. Turn on WPA2 if it shows in your router option  if it doesn’t click on WPA . It will ask for the password.

Remember it’s not the password which works for router, instead you have to enter this password whenever you log in from wireless device. To secure wifi password, make it very unique using special keywords or numbers etc to make it not easily-identifiable.