Send Self Destructive Message To Friends.


Yesterday somebody asked me, How To Send Self-Destructive Message To A Friend ?. So I decided to write this post. Sometime you require communicating something secret and specific that you would prefer not to enduringly get put away in the recipient’s inbox.

By any chance that you yearning to make some fun of your friends and supposedly a proof that you have sent the text, then you can utilize this strategy by which message will get consequently delete from their PC or mobile to which you are pushing the text. Furthermore, by this technique, you can just make fun with your companions. Simply read out the underneath post to continue.


Steps To Send Self-Destructive Message To A Friend:


Step 1 : First open in your chorome/Morzilla browser.1

Step 2 : Select the appropriate time after which you want to self-destruct the message From the drop down menu “Time until self-destruct”


Step 3 : Write your concerned message, In the Box below and then click on the Create Message button.


Step 4 : Now a link will get generated for your message.Like this;


Step 5 :  Copy the link and send to your concerned companions. When they open the link, they will only get to see the message for the pre set duration.


You can also checkout the and TMWSD , It also provide this service with some extra improvements.