If you are searching for best tools for SEO, then you will probably various articles featuring different SEO tools.

So, Consequently, I adopted an alternate strategy. Rather than making a major rundown of SEO tools, I’ll be uncovering 10 best SEO available right now in 2016.

So let’s begin our list.

1.Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is used to locate the heap volume of various catchphrases, important keywords openings and the relative ranking details.

Simply enter a phrase/word in the GKP tool, it will search the whole internet and will show the results in a matter of seconds.



2.Google Analytics


You’re promotional endeavors are practically pointless unless you comprehend what is working and what is most certainly not. Google Analytics gives you a chance to quantify which pages on your site require consideration and which pages have the greatest chance to get income.

Besides, with Google analytics subsequent examining of your articles. You will have the capacity to comprehend your guests and how they interface with your site.





It is one of the free SEO tool available right now. It permits you to discover important keywords with your rival’s metadata, where they are building backlinks and what you can do to outperform them.

SEMrush can likewise help you for site review and PPC offer recommendations. It’s an extremely convenient and easy to use.



4.Google Search Console


It is popularly known as Webmaster tool. It is one of the best way to look your site from the perspective from google’s side.

You will get to see the warnings about manual restrictions taken against your site and different issues that need your consideration through this tool.



5.Screaming Frog


This SEO is basically called as Spider. It is a site crawler particularly intended for on-page SEO. When you enter your site URL, it will slither your entire site and give you huge amounts of valuable data, for example, poor diverts, duplicate plagiarized content, page titles and Metadatas.

From the examining report, you will comprehend what pages are not upgraded and what should be improved on your site.


6.Open Site Explorer


It is an entire connection tool. This tool permits you to inquire about backlinks, find broken links, third party referencing sites, social movement and much much more.

You can likewise utilize this device to find all pages recorded via web search tools and get an all types of metadata concerning your site.





Copyscape is an online counterfeiting checker website which gives you a chance to distinguish copy substance and check whether comparable content substance shows up somewhere else on the web.

On the off chance that you simply enter the URL for a site or blog entry, this website can let you know where else that substance exists on the web. Having unique content is key in a site or blog entry to rank higher in web indexes. This product will help you to make your site rank better.





Ahrefs is one of the best backlink checker ever. It enables you to check who is connecting to you or your rivals. You will see precisely where the connections are originating from and linking backlinks.


9.SERPs Rank Checker


This is one of the most powerful SEO tool you can access. It can check your catchphrases, rankings position, etc in search giant google.

You need to enter your website URL, special keywords and with in seconds, this tool will give you a detailed report on your site.


10.XML Sitemaps


 A sitemap is a record where you can list every one of the pages of your website to tell the internet searchers what number of site pages you have on your webpage. XML sitemap can help you to assemble your sitemap.

All you have to do is enter your site URL and some different parameters. Then XML sitemap will make a sitemap for your site and afterward you can transfer it to webmasters account.


I have enlisted here 10 best SEO tool available in 2016. These SEO tool will definitely help your to rank your website better.

I would love to hear any tips you will share. Leave your feeling in the remarks.:)