Sony has been continuing to dabble with E Ink digital devices for the last several years, long after many competitors have fled the market. That is because it found itself a niche with its Digital Paper tablet like pad, which is superlight and extremely responsive to accurate drawing and scribbling utilizing a stylus. Only available in Japan, the A4 sized DPT-RP 1 has proved a success story, especially among students and artists. It feels a lot more like writing on a real paper notepad than an iPad and Pencil, say. Now Sony has introduced a second model, the DPT-CP 1.

It’s, in many ways, completely identical to the existing variant, but smaller. It gives an A5 sized screen instead, although still acts as a light, convenient jotter. The screen size is in fact 10.3 inches, equating to an A5 sheet of paper, and it sports a 1404 x 1872 pixels resoltion. There’s 16GB of on board storage and it supports Portable Document Format files. Applications for Windows, Mac and Android are available to sync files to your device. It’s dual band Wi-Fi integrated, plus Bluetooth. A rechargeable battery will last up to 3 weeks with wireless connectivity switched off. It can take up to 5.5 hours to fully charge from the flat. Sadly, it’s unlikely to ever make its way to other global regions. In Japan, you may expect to pay around 70, 000 yen. The DPT-CP 1 will be available from June.