Hola ! This year might be your lucky one. Those people who has purchased PS3 (Playstation 3). Sony has agreed to pay you US$55 as breaching a part of their licensing contract.
All those people who has brought a original PS3 module between 1st November 2006 and 1st April 2010 from an authorized US retailer can get cash payment if they fill the claim form, according to a breach of contract notice served by the court this week.
The filed lawsuit are based on the fact that a single firmware update that disabled a function popularly known as “Other OS”, cutting out support for various OS including Linux.

Among those people who want to have access to “Other OS” to continue using the OS in their console. They could opt out 3.21upgrade, but doing so means getting disconnected from the main PS gaming network. Detractors has claimed that it is a anti-piracy scheme but Sony dismissed such claims and said that it need to be done at some point of time and is totally permissible under the T&C.

Due to this Tech Giant was sued in 2011 first, a judge from state of California putoff the case. Then it was again put on motion in 2014. Tech giant and the concerned plaintiffs after a long battle finally decided to settle earlier this year; Sony has agreed to pay all users of PS3 users US$55. Still struck on the fact that they didn’t do anything wrong.

So all the beneficial users of PSP3, who want to get their share of money. All of you need to provide a proof that you have purchased that console between the specified date and from a authorised US retailer. You also need to prove that you have once or at least tried to use the “Other OS” feature during that time. As a proof you can provide the purchased receipt or Credit/Debit card statement with the serial number of your PS3.

For those users who can’t furnish the proof of the “Other OS” feature, they only getting about US$9.

To submit your claim, Check out here . Last date for submitting all claims is 7th December.