Special edition Galaxy S10 will boast 6.7-inch display, six cameras and 5G

The Wall Street Journal is reporting in the week that Samsung is designing on launching a special edition Galaxy S10 variant in celebration of the Galaxy S family’s tenth day. The device won’t solely offer an enormous show, however may additionally pack during a ton of cameras and even support the subsequent major milestone for wireless property. The flagship variant is understood because the “Beyond X” internally, and it’ll have a half-dozen.7-inch show.

For those keeping track, which means this device can have an even bigger screen than what’s out there on the Galaxy Note nine, that features a half-dozen.4-inch show. And around back, the on the far side X can reportedly feature four cameras, with 2 additional on the front. the opposite major addition are going to be support for 5G wireless networks.

The company is additionally work reverse wireless charging, a feature we have a tendency to saw recently within the Huawei Mate twenty professional. this is able to enable the on the far side X to share its battery life with alternative devices that support wireless charging, that might build topping up another device pretty fast and straightforward.

Samsung’s special edition on the far side X can launch aboard the 3 alternative oft-rumored variants of the Galaxy S10. the bottom model is claimed to feature 64GB of intrinsical storage and a five.8-inch show, whereas the high-end model, that is claimed to feature associate in-display fingerprint sensing element, can reportedly have a screen that measures in at half-dozen.4 inches.

The latest report indicates Samsung is designing on asserting all four smartphones in time period. The 3 customary variants can launch 1st, and therefore the on the far side X model can come back at a later date. Samsung is outwardly designing on staggering the launches in order that the on the far side X will launch with 5G network coverage, that undoubtedly is sensible.

Of course, this is often not the primary time that we’ve detected most of this. only recently it had been noted that the Galaxy S10 family might launch in green and yellow. And we’ve detected a few 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 for quite it slow currently.