WhatsApp is an ultra-popular instant messaging service providing amazing features like audio, video and picture sharing. And now people can even share pdf, Apk, rar files on WhatsApp. Whatsapp has made the world shrink with its amazing features. It has also become a platform for pranksters and trolls.

With all its amazing features though. WhatsApp also brings some concern as people worry about their partner’s conversations with others. Parents also worry about their kid’s activites on WhatsApp. So they want to know about their activities on Whatsapp. And ofcourse you can do that. You can spy on any target Whatsapp account by some simple tricks. And if you don’t know how to spy Whatsapp messages, Don’t Worry! This article will teach you on How to spy whatsapp messages of someone step by step.

First Method: Using mSpy Application

mSpy is one of the best android app openly accessible on Google Play Store. It allows the guardians and organizations to keep a track of their kids and employees. It is very simple to use and providess full logs of the target. You will only need an mSpy account!


  1. Download and install mSpy on the target device. It might take couple of minutes.
  2. Once the app is installed it will keep monitoring all the apps on the device including WhatsApp.
  3. All you need now is an mSpy account.
  4. It will give you a 7 days free trial. After that you can subscribe any mSpy pack.
  5. mSpy will send all the logs of the target device to your account.

WhatsApp spying using mSpy

6. You can also easily see the phone logs of the target from your mSpy account.


Second Method: Using Mac Spoofing

WhatsApp has a great loophole which is we can run same WhatsApp account in various devices with same Mac address. Mac address is the unique identity address of a device. Using this, we can spy on any WhatsApp account.


  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your device.
  2. Get Mac address of the target devices and note it. You have to get the target device in your hand to do this ofcourse.
  3. You can simply find the Mac address in settings of any device.
  • For Android devices: Go to settings -> select the WiFi settings -> Advance Settings.
  • For Windows devices: Go to settings -> select “About” -> More Information -> Mac address.
  • For iPhone devices: Go to settings -> choose “General” -> About Phone -> Status -> WiFi Mac address.
  • Blackberry: Go to Options -> Device -> Device and Status Info -> WLAN Mac.
  1. Install any IP Faking App on your device. Go through the app and choose spoof IP Address. After that you will get a fake IP Address.WhatsApp spying5. Install the Whatsapp on your again and enter the victim’s phone number. You need to get the code from the victim’s phone and then your Whatsapp is prepared to use. You can now see the victim’s chats on your Whatsapp.



You have to copy the files of WhatsApp folder in your gadget for the above method to work. After that, you can spy on the whatsapp account with ease.

But, we will still recommend you to respect other’s privacy. As the saying goes, “You can doesn’t mean you should!”.

So, if you like this article, share it with your buddies (cautiously though!) and put up your thoughts in the Comments below.

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