Stream Facebook Live Videos

Facebook news feed has to assimilate all sorts of videos whether it is live news, videos made by professionals or videos upload or made by any of the Facebook user, learning to cook delicious foods etc. these videos helps and care about what you want to see everyday. But the difficulty of stopping to the video page and seeing it will not let the user to do other things aside. Now Facebook has made a way through widening these videos on other displays to increase consumption through letting you stream Facebook Live Videos to your T.v through the devices:

  • Apple Tv ( it is an Apple Inc. digital device which receives data from other sources and stream it to T.V).
  • Chromecast (it is a google device  that plugs into T.V HDMI port, it helps to access videos from other sources and stream it to your television)..

When you watch a video using smartphone now, you’ll notice an option on the upper right corner which will enable your video to get supported through apple TV or chromecast  devices to your television. Streaming Facebook videos to T.V can make you to browse other things on Facebook without stopping the video, it will continues playing. This enable a user to discover or write content without halting and also can load another video for the next watch. You can also go back to different tab and scroll other things as it won’t disturb your video. The best part of this streaming is that you can see live reactions and comments on the videos and you can also join commenting or reacting  on the video. You also have an option to jump the scene you don’t want to see by skipping that part off and can watch the same video again and again.  For example, if your child want to see a video and you are busy in browsing the other things on Facebook, you can stream the video which your child want to see from Facebook to television and then you can comfortably do your browsing without getting irritated from your child and your child can also enjoy his/her favorite channel on the large screen.  Viola! What can be better than this, isn’t?

The step taken so far can help the Facebook to create more videos and spread them  by making people feel cozy in viewing their favorite videos with richest view on big screens. Also, the company policy is to lure creators of videos away from the other sources like YouTube etc. Before mostly all the videos on Facebook were shared from YouTube channel but now there is a sudden decline. YouTube is making efforts  luring the video creators by giving them bonuses to share new videos on YouTube first.

Steps  to watch streaming videos to your television:

  1. Search the video you want to watch on your mobile phone or on your PC.
  2. Select the option of TV located on the top right hand corner of the video.
  3. Select the device to which you want to stream your Facebook videos.
  4. Enjoy with your family and friends these videos on a big screen sitting comfortably on sofas and couches.

Now there’s an option to Stream Facebook Live Videos only on iOS devices or web browser to gain this opportunity through AirPlay devices like Apple TV or Google cast devices like chromecast, but soon you’ll be able to stream your favorite videos from your android devices to chromecast.