The sun provides efficient energy to turn solar energy into electrical energy which is free of cost to everyone. Keeping it in mind the CEO and founder Elon Musk of Tesla plans to capture this sunlight energy through rooftops tiles which can turn sunlight into electricity, his goal is that everyone should have a better roof with solar capabilities which can generate electricity,  which are durable and can last for long period of time and does not required to buy electricity anymore. A demonstration is made by him with a few selected tiles. A weight is dropped on some of the selected tiles  from some height and Only Tesla tiles didn’t shard like other tiles, though they cracked. He claims that these solar roof tiles could last 2-3 times longer than traditional tiles on the roofs can. Tesla’s solar technology developed 4 different types of conventional solar roof tiles


  • Slate glass tiles.
  • Tuscan glass tiles
  • Smooth glass tiles
  • Textured glass tiles.


Advantages of tesla tiles at a glance..


  • Are more powerful


It provides clean and renewable energy that lasts for longer period of time.


  • Look more appealing


It gives your home a very beautiful and finished look with 4 different types of designs.


  • Are very affordable


They are very low at cost, lower than joining your traditional roof with your electricity bills.


  • Are durable


These are manufactured with a tempered glass on and durability that last for longer period of time.


  • Aims to reduce your electricity bill


These roofs are generating to reduce  your electricity bills or  end them almost fully. It will be ended completely when combined with Tesla’s New Powerwall 2nd for sure.

Elon Musk also introduces 2nd generation worth US $5,500 battery powerwall that aims to provide a battery packup of 14kWh storage and is double as comparison to 1st model generation. This 2nd generation power wall is more than enough to power in 4-5 bedrooms for a full day. It is packed with liquid thermal control system, inverter, and an intelligible software which will allow the person to load or shift to power house when the solar roof tiles are not getting solar light.

Tesla company is using high-efficient cells made and manufactured by Panasonic,  coated with color louver film and a tempered glass which makes the cells to mingle into the roof when they are exposed to solar energy and tempered glass for longer durability. However he refused to give details about the price but he gives an idea that it will be lower than adding your electricity bill to  building traditional roofs.


Result of color louver film from street

roof tiles

color louver film makes the the glass look opaque if viewed from the street


Result of color louver film from birds eye view

solar roof tiles

color louver film makes the the glass look transparent if viewed from the top.

Elon Musk claimed that both the solar roof and powerwall 2nd will do the best in providing efficient energy to homes. It is not efficient only but it is renewable and clean way to make electricity. The orders can be made for tesla solar roof tiles and powerwall 2 at tesla stores. However they will continue to install it from the next summers by beginning in the U.S largest solar market in California.