Third party watch faces for smartwatches make it possible for users to communicate more of themselves while letting them have fun with their technology. The Apple Watch already has a number of Apple made watch faces, so a lot of which can be customizable, but 3rd party developers have not been capable of making their own. A report from indicates that may change soon, thanks to the code located in watchOS 4.3.1 hinting at 3rd party It’s uncertain if Apple would make this attribute active in watchOS 5, the next version of Apple Watch software that is expected to be announced at WWDC this June.

Even when Apple does not announce it as a feature in watchOS 5, even the only mention of it means it is possible that the business would allow 3rd party developers to create clock faces for its wearable some time in the future. Third party watch faces are staples for smartwatches, as they permit developers and consumers to become creative with the default screen. Operating systems including Fitbit OS Garmin’s OS, and Wear OS all have many 3rd party watch faces to choose from. Apple, however, has never allowed 3rd party developers to create watch faces for the Apple Watch. While some options derive content from other sources, such as Photos application for a custom Photo face or some Disney collaboration for Toy Story watch watches, these are all Apple created designs. Apple prefers to control consumer facing design characteristics of its software, which is likely why the organization has not allowed party watch faces. Taking into consideration the code found in watchOS 4.3.1 seems like a placeholder, Apple might be figuring out how to best execute 3rd party hair watches to give developers freedom they have been craving whilst also maintaining a level of usability and clarity in its flagship face grip.