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Search google the better way for accurate info

This is the era of technology where you can collect any kind of information from internet through Google search in no time. We can find from A to Z everything on the internet in a matter of just a few seconds.

But sometimes we have to search a lot to gain the exact information we need and it may consume time and takes a few minutes to hours of time. Here are a few tips on better ways for a Google search for the related information and avoid crap from the search results.

Tips for better Google search

Using synonyms


Using the ‘~’ symbol during the synonym search, lets you search for better results. For example, go for “blog~ lifearoundtech” as shown in the image. You will find all the relevant information regarding

Search within the websites

google search

If you find any relevant information in any website and would like to search for the same information again and if you don’t find it, then simply type the URL of the website along with the keyword you would like to search for. It is that simple, you can find the exact content you are looking for.

The power of asterisk

google search

If you are unsure of exactly which content you are looking for then “*” makes magic. Try using * symbol after your search result, then you will find the exact content you are looking for.

Missing lots of words


When you miss lots of words and try to search for the information related or if you have a lengthy sentence to search for, then you can use the beginning word of the sentence + around (the exact number of words missing)“ and the end of the text. Then you will get the result pages related to your search.

Either- or


If you are not sure of which one you have to search for, then you can use both words to search for. Then you will find the relevant information. For example, you can use Megan Good or Fox if you are not sure of one among those andyou only remember their face rather than their name.

Here we provide some useful information regarding the tips on better Google search. If you find any and want to tell our readers, please do comment below. So that it will be helpful to others.