Google AdSense is a great way to earn money from online. It improves your revenue if it is well organized. Just signing up and sitting quite is not enough. Growing income through revenue generation is quite complicate. All you need some tips to be followed to grow your earnings. Google AdSense helps you to remove ad blacklist, remove low paying ad categories and many features to help boost their earnings.

Here is a list of elite Google AdSense revenue boosting tips

  • Pick out high paying niche for your blog
  • Find he exact keywords for your blog
  • Assure the keyword density
  • Follow guidelines provided by Google AdSense solely
  • Prefer placing ads on the top of the page
  • Prefer placing ads on the top for small articles and for long articles place at the middle
  • Apply multiple ad units
  • Choose AdSense for search
  • Expend multiple Palettes
  • Try to avert borders for the ads
  • Flex low paying ads to image only ads
  • Apply non-standard type of ads
  • Use the apt AdSense format for your blog
  • Use the colors which match your blog Palette
  • Occasionally experiment with the place of your ads posting
  • Apply horizontal link units like above post, navbar
  • Elevate your blog with Google Adword



  • Limit outgoing links on the page
  • Apply section targeting
  • Apply all the possible AdSense features
  • Select multiple ad banners
  • Make sure your ads are clearly visible
  • Take help of AdSense preview tool
  • Never over block ads
  • Track your ads regularly, preferably daily
  • Apply section targeting
  • Choose wisely SEO and backlinks for your blog
  • Avert made for AdSense sites
  • Put fresh content on your blog
  • Register with docstoc, bukisa and hub pages and use same account of AdSense
  • Avert sponsored ad titles in widgets
  • Control low paying ads with the use of competitive filters
  • AdSense channel helps to keep track on the performance
  • Don’t choose Google AdSense as secondary ad option
  • Stop using regular blog words
  • Don’t use public service ads
  • Sign up to YouTube partners
  • Prefer revenue sharing sites
  • Make use of both text and image ads instead of simply either text or image ads
  • Target more revenue generating countries
  • Take help of social media for more target

These are few tips to heighten your revenue. Any way you can always experiment and make up your own strategies and try to apply them for better results. Be positive and act wise in making decisions.


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