Writing a blog post is easy. Isn’t it? Just open your computer and chalk down what you have in your mind into words and post it online. But, is it all? Clearly NO!

When someone starts a blog, it is to fulfill some purpose whatever that may be! And to make the blogs successful, one needs a good audience. And to hook up the audience, your blogs need to be of extremely unique and of high quality.

The quality is everything that matters!

Now, writing a blog is easy but writing a High quality blog isn’t! It needs great dedication, planning and creativity to achieve that. If you think you too are still not upto your full potential but don’t know where you are lagging, read the points below to get an idea about how to create a high quality blog posts –


Choosing a random topic and writing about it won’t even make your blog posts an above average quality ones. I personally believe in the idea of “Plan & Perform”.

Give ample time and thought on the topic and contents of the blog before starting to write. Analyze the topic; ponder about it, research about it on the web and other sources. Don’t just start unplanned and unprepared. Have an editorial calendar prepared for you and follow it strictly.

High Quality Blog Posts
Plan, Prepare, Perform

We always say “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” But in reality, we do that only. If the title of the book isn’t unique or catchy or interesting, we hardly bother to go through the book.

Same goes for the blogs also; if the title doesn’t seem interesting, people mostly choose to ignore it. So, try to craft a catchy title.

Even if the topic is not uncommon, twist the title a bit to sound fun and interesting.


If the start of a blog isn’t interesting, even you wouldn’t bother to continue. So craft your opening sentences keeping that in mind. Hook the readers with your first sentences.

They should know from beginning that they are about to read a high quality blog. And they can return for more to you for same quality contents.


No one likes to read or even see a haphazard or scattered article. Keep your contents well organized and maintain the readability of your article.

To increase the readability of the article you can do following things:

  • Write at least 400-500 words on every blog post
  • Include a relevant image or video on every blog post
  • Proofread your content
  • Write detailed and well researched contents
  • Provide links to relevant blog posts or websites on your or other websites

Check the readability of your contents here.

  1. SEO Optimization

All the above points tell you how to connect with the readers. But, how to connect with the Search Engines?

After all, search engines are the ones bringing traffic to your blogs or websites. So, you need to personalize your article such that it can easily be searched or found on the search engines. This is where SEO optimization comes to play.

High Quality Blog Post
Search Engine Optimization

Use Focus Keywords, Meta descriptions, Sub-Headings, Alt Image tags, Inbound and Outbound links to increase the SEO score of your content and make it a high quality blog post.

You can also use Yoast SEO plug-in to analyze and maintain the SEO score of your post.


As I mentioned above, creating a blog post is easy; creating a High quality blog is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, by following above points, you can certainly become better in your job.

Don’t just stop here. Read other articles on this topic too. Get inspired by following and reading successful bloggers. Do everything you can to make yourself better at last.


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