Top 10 android apps for engineering students
Top 10 android apps for engineering

You can see android smart phones in every ones hands these days, so android apps are getting popular. Among those apps you can have a variety of apps available for all kind of people. Engineering students do involve with the apps a lot. App store provides wide range of apps for engineering students pursuing different streams. So here I discuss about top 10 such apps useful for engineering students.

Top 10 android apps for engineering students

Real CalC Scientific Calculator



Real CalC scientific calculator is the app which every engineering student must have. You no need to carry calC separately for working. It works exactly as your CalC. One can select from different styles provided. You can update the app regularly as they provide updates on regular basis.

Mechanical Engineer One


If you are in the field of mechanics then this app works best for you. It was designed for engineers by an engineer who knows more about their work. This apps main theme is to help solving the problems they daily come across.

Mechanical engineer is not only for students in this stream, but also for civil, HVAC, electrical engineers and naval architects students who use unit conversions in their subject.

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All Math formula



Some students join engineering thinking that it’s easy to read. But later on they will come to know that the formulas are tough to remember and don’t know where to apply them at the point. So this app provides 1000+ Maths formulas. You can read them on the go. They will explain each formula in a well and easy way to remember. One can access formulas from algebra, geometry, analytical geometry, derivation, integration, trigonometry, laplace transform and many more.

Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering app is a free app which consists of 3 electricity tools namely electrical circuits, electrical formulas and electrical calculator. It is a must have app for electrical students as they can access maximum from this app. It can also be used for work. Students can gain much from it.

Civil Engineering Dictionary


This app will give you a clear idea on civil engineering and the work involved in it. More than 10000 words with detailed description along with images are provided in this app. You can add to favorites to have a look later. User gets a new word each day. It doesn’t consume much of your data on your RAM.


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Software Engineering



Software engineering app provides the user with complete hand book. It covers notes regarding the subject with detailed description and images. This app helps the user not only in exams but also at the time of interview. It covers most of the syllabus including 150+ topics. As per users requirements this app adds more topics on regular basis.

Automobile Engineering


This app is a complete free handbook with diagrams and graphs. It covers important topics, news and blogs about automobile engineering. Contains 180+ topics with detailed description and provides faster revisions of the subject. The subject is divided into sub topics for better understanding.

Computer Engineering


If you are pursuing degree in computer science then this app is a good choice for you. This app provides knowledge on both software and hardware related to computer engineering. This app also provides user with knowledge on other engineering works as computer engineering is integrated to several other disciplines. Vast syllabus is covered in this app to ensure students get more knowledge regarding the topic.

Biotechnology Dictionary


You find students pursuing less in this stream. So you find less data related on search engines. If you have this app in your phone then you can get more information related to biotechnology. Biotechnology is fast growing stream in foreign countries when compared to here in India. This app covers vast syllabus in the form of words which you can search in this dictionary. Words have detail description with images.

Chemical Engineering


Chemical engineering involves various applications to be always renewed and tested. This app provides about the notes and also the history of chemical engineering which you can’t find elsewhere. You can gain information from the basics to the core of the subject using this app.


These are top 10 android apps for engineering students. Hope these apps are helpful for you. If you find them interesting and useful do share with your friends and help them learning more about the subject. Go through our website lifearoundtech to know more similar apps for students and also for others.