android apps for women safety
Top 10 android apps for women safety

Women safety has become the extreme importance these days. Parents worry about their kids going alone at nights. If they come across any dangerous situation, in hurry they can’t think of any usual help and end up being in danger. Android app developers came forward to help women in danger. Take a look on such top 10 apps and be safe.

Top 10 android apps for women safety

1. Red Eye – Women Safety

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Red eye app is the only app with so much positive ratings in app store. It automatically identifies whether you are in danger and notify the dear one. This is an added advantage. It allows the user to trigger SOS with current location details with multiple power button clicks and disallows people from switching off your mobile.

User needs to choose the source and destination of their travel. This app will show you all the ideal routes between source and destination. You can review the paths if needed, and if any changes they could recreate it as per their need by choosing intermediate points. One need to manually disable the application through the button or widget once the destination is reached.

2. RideSafe – Travel Safety App

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Ride Safe ensures your safety while travelling in a cab, taxi or auto, by automatically detecting a deviation in your route to your destination. You only need to enter your destination, and don’t need to take any fixed routes. Tracking stops automatically when you reach your destination.

RideSafe updates your location during an ongoing trip to our secure servers via military grade encrypted channels, which help them algorithmically monitor your trip to ensure your safety. This app consumes less battery and will save it for future.

3. Women Safety App

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Women Safety app is the best app to inform and update your close ones if you are in an unsafe place. With just a tap of a button, the app sends an SMS to a preconfigured mobile number along with your location and a link to Google Map. The app also captures 2 pictures, one with front camera and the other with back camera, and a video or audio clip and uploads it to their server. A link to the pic, audio or video is emailed to a preconfigured email Id(s).

This app comes with three colored buttons. Based on the seriousness of the situation you can press the buttons. Green for sharing your location, Orange to stay cautious and Red to report that the user is in danger.

4. Raksha – Women Safety Alert App

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Even if the Raksha App is switched off and isn’t running, pressing the volume key for just three seconds alerts the specific contacts you have chosen beforehand. Your location is sent to them on a map which sends them your exact whereabouts.  A distress signal just by pressing a single key sends out a loud buzzer to your pre-organized contacts.

This app will send an SMS in case of no internet zone. So even if you haven’t data in your mobile, you will be in safer hands.

5. Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App

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Nirbhaya app can send a distress call or emergency message to a specified contact or group in an emergency situation faced by a woman. Correct Location, Information and Communication, with and from the app is dependent upon the basic hardware/software requirements, like – Active Data plan, SMS plan, minimum talk time and active GPS functionality.

You can shake your device to send an emergency message even if the phone is locked, to a group of contacts as assigned to the SOS key. Users get an alert if they are in an area which has been marked potentially unsafe. Alerts about your location to your chosen contacts with improved location accuracy and updates after every 300 meters change in position up to 2 hours.

6. Women Safety Totem SOS help App

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Totem SOS women safety app enabled with remote Bluetooth AB3 selfie shutter button. Send emergency message with three clicks on the selfie button. App based on traffic light model for location based messaging for crises communication in emergency for public safety issues. User can send SOS using Bluetooth shutter button with three clicks without even taking out the phone from your purse.

Pair any Selfie button using Bluetooth with your phone. Unlock the display screen and remove password from main screen. Place app icon on top left of the first screen. Add contacts manually from menu screen in app to send message. Click three times on android Bluetooth selfie button to send SOS message. You may also take selfies using the photo menu with same button.

7. Smart24x7-Personal Safety App

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Smart24x7 has introduced a personal safety & security app for personal & business use that alerts emergency contacts with your GPS location. You can now also help others by pressing the button on your mobile. Panic Alerts will be sent to the loved ones whenever user presses PANIC Button during emergency.

If GPRS doesn’t work, an alert will be sent via SMS. User can use Fake Call feature to walk out of any difficult situation. This application does voice recording, photographs during the panic Situation & transfers to the police.

8. VithU App

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VithU is an emergency app that, at the click of the power button of your smartphone 2 times consecutively begins sending out alert messages every 2 minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers.

The receiver will receive a link to your location every 2 minutes giving them your updated location. A “Tips Feed” option gives you safety tips in an emergency situation. In case if you have been a victim or witnessed a crime you can share the incident with Channel V by posting it in the “Submit Your Story” option in the Menu Bar.

9. Women Safety Secured

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It may not be possible to use your mobile for messaging or making a call at the time when you feel yourself in some distress/unsafe situation. Then just shout and they’ll amplify your voice to your loved ones with in few seconds.

If this app will be in activated position & detect some load human voice (can be shouting/ crying) it will immediately recognize it as distress signal & activates alarm. This alarm shows that the situation is declared as distress situation and sends sms to pre-configured numbers.

10. GoSuraksheit App

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Go Suraksheit is a security application that enables you to seek help from the contacts you trust the most. This application arms you with 4 extremely strong e-weapons which you can use at just a click of a button. The app will keep on trying calling the configured contacts, until and unless any contact pick up the call and had a conversation.

When you launch the application and click on the Help button it automatically, send an SMS and call to preconfigured contacts, updates your Facebook status with the customized post, triggers a loud alarm to seek attention for nearby help and provides a configurable pin to stop the alarm.

Finally, apart from using these top 10 apps, it’s better to have other safety measures such as pepper spray or stun guns. Make sure you are well secured before leaving home. Also share this article with your loved ones who you feel like caring and help them stay protected.