Our life is impossible to even think without PCs, laptops and smartphones these days. These devices have become the engine of our life. We store all our important stuffs like files, documents, photos etc. in them. And so, it becomes necessary to secure them from viruses and malwares.

That’s where antivirus comes into play. An antivirus is a program or software designed to protect your devices from viruses, Trojans, malwares etc. These antivirus searches, detects and then remove the harm causing agents from your devise keeping it safe and secure for your usage.

But, with so many antivirus in the market, you just can’t be sure which one to pick up. To help you in this, I am going to list you the 10 best antivirus for your PC you can use without worrying about anything.

TIP – Click on the Titles for downloading the FREE version of the antiviruses.

  1. Avast 

Best Antivirus for PC

Avast is the best antivirus software for your computer. It protects you from every kind of malwares and even scans for and cleans unwanted files and stuffs. You have to get the premium version though for getting all its advanced features.

  1. AVG 

Best antivirus for PC

The traditional quality rival of Avast, AVG provides security from various viruses and Trojans within the application. It also contains a PC analyzer which can recover your registry, junk, error and fragment files.

  1. Avira

Best antivirus for PC

Avira is a freeware antivirus program which automatically scans, detect and remove harmful components from your PC keeping it secure. It provides protection against virus, Trojans, adwares, malwares and autorun files.

  1. Bitdefender Total Security


An amazing and award winning antivirus software! It keeps your computer safe from various malicious programs and virus. Bit Defender Total Security provides one year license for three PCs in $58.47 but you can its trial version for free too.

5. Comodo


Comodo provides your PC protection against malwares, Trojans, internet security and many more. Comodo is available not just for Windows PC, but for many different OS also.

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  1. Eset Smart Security


Eset Smart Security a famous and widely used antivirus for PC. It is a cross platform software available for Windows, Linux, MAC and Android phone too. It is a premium antivirus; but provides its trial version for free with limited features. Eset easily detects malware, auto-run programs, Trojans and other viruses too.

  1. Kaspersky

Best antivirus for PC

One of the few antivirus programs in the world which provides security against hackers and hacking files.

  1. AhnLab V3 Internet Security

Best antivirus for PC

A product of AhnLab Inc., V3 is a unique and most usable antivirus and internet security provider in this list. It is also one of the best rated among its type.

  1. 360 Total Security

Best antivirus for PC

It is a good antivirus which is easy to download and use. 360 is available for Windows, MAC and Android and is a light weight tool with awesome interface.

  1. Quick Heal Total Security

Best antivirus for PC

The only Indian product in this list. Quick Heal provides you with a complete security package of your system and is fairly simple to use with an attractive interface.


These are the 10 best softwares to safeguard your computers in 2016. There are also few new antivirus systems set to launch in 2017. They may also overtake some of these candidates from this list. But, we have to wait for that.

Till then, give these a try and let us know in the COMMENTS below if you found any of these useful or a total waste.