Smartphones has become a companion in our day to day life. They can be used for many purposes due to their multiple features. One of these purposes is, reading books. With the help of eBook reader apps, people can easily read books anytime and anywhere they want on their Android devices. Not only these apps save us a lot of money, we also don’t have to carry around heavy books during journeys and holidays. They also provide various features like customization options, smart reading mode, and syncing the ebooks with cloud, drive and other devices using these apps. But there are plenty of them to choose from, so here’s a list of top 10 Android eBook Reader Apps of 2016.

Top 10 eBook Reader Apps for Android

  1. Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Amazon kindleKindle is one of the best eBook reader apps available for Android devices. It can be used for all purposes like reading books, magazines, newspapers, etc. It gives you access to over a million of eBooks with just one touch. You can also customize the font size, brightness, background color, etc.

  1. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book ReaderAldiko is an awesome eBook reader app that provides a great book reading experience with the customization features. You can change the background, colors, font size, margins, line space, etc. It also has a night mode for comfortable reading at night. And you can also import books from the public libraries all around the world.

  1. FBReader Favourite Book Reader

FBReaderFBReader is also very popular among book readers. It supports a large range of eBook formats like azw3, ePub, html, doc, fb2. It can also support PDF after installing some plugins. You can easily adjust brightness, background, font size, colors, etc. Also, it supports 34 different languages.

  1. Kobo Book Reading App

Kobo Book ReaderKobo is an amazing eBook reader app that gives access to more than 5 million books. It gives $5 as reward to every new user for signing up to buy books. You can read books, magazines, comics, and many other things. It supports night mode and you can also share your favourite books on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

  1. Ebook Reader

Ebook ReaderEbook is a lightweight Android app for reading books. Just like in other apps, you can change color, brightness, font size, etc. One can easily log in on the app with his Ebook account and sync books with multiple devices. You can also create bookmarks to read later so that you don’t have to search last read pages later.

  1. Wattpad Free Books & Stories

WattpadWattpad is also a good option in the list of Android eBook reader apps. In addition to the basic features, you can also write your own book and share it with Wattpad community and with other friends in social media networks. You can sync your books with computers, tablet and phones. Books can also be downloaded for offline reading.

  1. Moon+ Reader

moon + readerMoon+ is a lightweight app that provides easy to use UI with customizable features. It comes with an online eBook library with over millions of books for available reading. It supports all eBook formats including pdf. You can choose from more than 10 themes with separate day/night switch mode. It also has a dual page mode for landscape screens.

  1. Universal Book Reader

Universal Book ReaderUniversal Book Reader is a simple and easy to use Android eBook reader app. It provides access to online feedbooks all store shelves and comes with fast page navigation like scroll slider and page flipper that helps in finding the desired page. It supports 12 different languages and all eBook formats including pdf.

  1. Free Books 23469 Classics

23469 ClassicsJust like the name suggests, it offers 23469 eBooks free of cost for offline reading without any download limit. It provides stories of Epic, Romance, History, Ghost, and many other genres from authors all around the world. It has easy page navigation with scroll and tap. The background, brightness and text size are customizable too.

  1. 50000 Free eBooks and AudioBooks

50000 free booksIt is a wonderful Android app that offers over 50 thousand books with its own personalized reader. You can import any book from your phone or any other device. You can also share books with friends using email and create backups on Google Drive.


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