Planning to provide encryption to your USB? IT is a simple still a complicated decision. You need to encrypt your files and folders in USB to keep your sensitive data safe and secure.

But, if you want to provide encryption to your USB, better do it properly using good softwares. Isn’t it? So, below I have compiled a list of 10 best USB encryption softwares in the market.

Top 10 Best USB Drive Encryption Software For Windows:

  1. VeraCrypt
USB drive encryption

The best tool that will encode your records with an encryption! VeraCrypt adds improved security to the algorithms utilized for framework and partitions encryption thereby making it safe to new advancements in brutal assaults. You must give this one a try!


  1. StorageCrypt
USB Drive encryption

Another cool tool that will permit you to vault the USB drive with the encryption tool that permits encryption with the best along with that which is practically difficult to crack. So, give this a shot.


  1. DiskCryptor

DiskCryptor is another open encryption arrangement that offers encryption of all disk partitions. The fact of openness of it runs in sharp contrast in relation to the current situation, where a large portion of the product with practically identical usefulness is totally exclusive, which makes it unsuitable to use for protection of confidential information.


  1. BitLocker
USB Drive Encryption
BitLocker Encrypting a drive

The ideal way probably to secure any USB drive in Windows which is inbuilt in it and will secure your outside drives is BitLocker. So you should experiment with this device and secure your information.


  1. Remora USB Disk Guard
USB Drive encryption
Remora USB Disk Guard Interface

It is a free file encryption programming for USB storage devices. It also gives you a chance to scramble and decode records or files utilizing 128-piece encryption strategy. You can password protect and encrypt your files or folders also effortlessly.


  1. GNU Privacy Guard
USB Drive encryption
GNU Interface

Another outstanding tool that permits you to encode the outer USB drive with the encryption! What’s more, using this tool, you can really encrypt the drive with the most ideal way that you truly need to secure the data in your drive.


  1. USB Disk Security
USB Drive encryption
USB Dick Security

This encryption software empowers particular security choices inside Windows in an exceptionally available manner. That as well as does some scanning on the side. As a measure for data theft, USB D.S. can empower two password protected highlights.


  1. Cryptainer LE

It is another free Encryption Software to protect your secret data on any Windows PC, Desktop or Laptop; Hard Disk or Removable Drives like USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick etc. Cryptainer allows you to password protect any file or folder on any device, including removable drives also.


  1. Kakasoft USB security

Kakasoft USB Security is a simple and swift-to-use USB protection cum encryption software. It also allows you to protect your files and folders on your USB drive with password.


  1. Free USB Security

This is another free USB disk protection software which can encrypt all your USB drives and memory cards with password. It also installs an executable file on your USB drive and hides all the contents of the USB drives in it.


Give these tools a try and choose what suits your needs best. All of these tools named here are tested and verified. Comment your tools also or give your suggestions below and help to expand this list.