Do Myths exist in Blogging world? Yes! There are many common myths and misconceptions about blogging. Although some part of some them may be true, but following them blindly will harm you and your blog/websites. So, you need to be aware about the Blogging myths existing out there.

Below, I am providing you with 10 common blogging myths and the related truths about them.

  1. Getting traffic on a blog is easy

There is a common notion that after some time, your traffic will automatically increase. That’s just another blogging myth far from truth. In reality, you need to have a concrete strategy and quality to grow your popularity.


  1. It’s just about Writing

Blogging is not just about writing! It’s about educating and entertainment too! The blogger has to make its contents more meaningful, relevant and interesting. Writing is just a part of it.


  1. You don’t have to pay for a WordPress theme as there are many out there

While WordPress offers many free themes to choose from, you don’t need to limit yourselves to them only. If you know coding, you can create a theme for yourself; and if you don’t, don’t shy away from buying a good premium theme.


  1. Not sharing other’s blogs over the fear of losing readers

It’s alright to feel threatened by a better blogger with a bigger audience. But sharing your competitor’s posts can help you. It shows the readers that you are determined to help them even by guiding them to someone other else.


  1. There are preferential times to share your contents on social media
Blogging Myths Debunked
Time Zone plays a big role here

This is true to a certain extents. But, if you are targeting a global audience, no infographics can help you with this because of the differences in time zone around the world. So, it just adds up to the blogging myths!


  1. If just one of my posts goes viral, I am all shining!

Having one of your contents go viral will surely surge your traffic; but it’s just not enough to retain them. You have to consistently and regularly post quality and informative contents to gain from the new surge in your site’s traffic,


  1. Headings are just to make text look COOL!

Absolutely not! It surely does that too but there are other reasons for providing Headings. It makes your content easy-to-find on search engines and adds to your SEO score too. Google searches for keywords in the headings first. So, do provide Headings!


  1. Starting with a free site is better

One of the most common blogging myths! It seems better than buying a domain name. But if you spend some bucks and get your own domain, you will have a solid foundation to build a brand for you in the longer run.


  1. No need to stick to a niche as it limits me

This is the most widely believed blogging myths. It’s simply not true! Blogs with a focused niche do better than those without it.


  1. There is no need for paying for help until I monetize my Blog
Blogging Myths Debunked
Use tools to grow your reach and quality

Just think it like this. You want to start a business but don’t want to spend anything to set it up. Good luck with that!

This will work fine if you are blogging just for fun and hobby. But if your aim is to establish yourself as professional blogger, never hesitate from taking the help of paid services and tools.

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There are so many myths and misconceptions on blogging that it’s natural if I missed some of them. Tell us about them on the comments below and help to expand this list. Looking forward to your suggestions and comments!